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Depression experiences:

Depression improved as a result of Aerobic Exercise
Shared by sass

Practitioner: self-treated
Long term results:

I am 60 years old. I grew up in a household, a neighborhood and a community where everybody had cocktails at 6:00p.m So - by some standards I am a light light drinker - drinking one to two glasses of wine a night.

But recently I see a clear relationship between the wine that I drink and my degree of happiness during the day. And it is like night and day.

Everyone knows it's a depressant, but I actually see the quality of my life diminished with wine. I think it's okay to drink occasionally - and its fun, but two nights in a row is too much.

There is also an absolute relationship in my life between exercise and depression. Recently I suffered a five-day bout with flu and I was unable to exercise. By the sixth day I was depressed. I got on my bike, and spent the next several hours exploring the area on my bike. By the time I returned home (which included climbing several hills), I felt 100% better. That morning I would never have believed that I was going to feel so great that night.

The exercise that I love the most is something with solid aerobic value. Walking up a hill is good, biking fast, running/walking - and for durations of 40-60 minutes. It's life changing.

Depression greatly improved as a result of Forgiveness

Practitioner: self-treated
Self treated for: 3+ years
Long term results: Yes

About 20 years ago I hit an emotional brick wall. I lost my dream home, my life savings, my fiance' and my daughter disowned me. Without going into the emotional messiness of what led up to that difficult time, I'll just say that it was a result of a lifetime of negative self-limitation and co-dependency. When I lost most of what was important to me at the time, I dropped like a lead weight into a deep hole of depression. For months I only left the house for necessities. I didn't answer the phone. I didn't open the mail. I would stay in bed all day. I had nothing to inspire me, nothing hopeful to see in my future.

A friend introduced me to an ancient process of forgiveness that only takes 7 days. I resisted forgiving myself at first, but then for some reason I did it. It worked. Almost like magic I turned a corner and became an awakened woman within a couple of weeks. I was able to see how I had created the person I had become. And since I created her with my thoughts, I decided to create another version. It sounds so simple, but it was very profound. I have continued with those forgiveness processes on various people, and myself again, over these past 20 years. Forgiveness simply means “to let go”. I did and it feels great!
(author of "The Other F Word: 7 Days to Forgiving Anyone"

Depression improved as a result of Vitamin B Complex, Fish Oil, and Brainwave Entrainment
Shared by scottiej

Practitioner: self-treated
Long term results: Don't know yet

I suffered from mild depression for years. I always felt flat, low, under-stimulated and also suffered from frequent 'brain fog'.

I watched the movie "Limitless" with Bradley Cooper and it inspired me to start looking around at what could shift my outlook.

I came across Brainwave entrainment and the product RevitaMind (from

The two primary tracks made me feel so much more engaged, motivated and less depressed after about 3-4 weeks of listening. I just sit back and listen to the recordings on my iphone with headphones. I also find it helps easier to drift off to sleep after listening to the Neural track at night too.

So yeah brainwave entrainment, as well as taking fish oil (500 mg of DHA every day) and a good B vitamin complex, made a massive difference for me.

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