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Digestive Disorders/Ulcerative Colitis experiences:

SCD (specific carbohydrate diet)       100% (1 out of 1) of people had long term positive results
Digestive Disorders/Ulcerative Colitis greatly improved as a result of SCD (specific carbohydrate diet)
Shared by Trolleyrider

Practitioner: self-treated
Self treated for: 1-3 years
Long term results: Yes

I've had ulcerative colitis on and off for 10+ years although is was not officially diagnosed until about 11/2 years ago. I've tried many alternative remedies as you can see described in previous entries on this site. In addition I had IBS and IBD like symptoms as well.

All the other remedies provided some temporary relief. Many dietary changes helped but my most recent experiment with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet ( has eliminated symptoms for over a year. I believe I'm healed but will continue on the diet to be sure.

I read the book and if you suffer from any digestive disorders i strongly recommend you read it too. The woman who wrote the book had a daughter who suffered from severe ulcerative colitis. After her daughter was cured by the SCD diet prescribed by a doctor in the 1950's the mother, and author of the book, Elaine Gottschall did the research to better understand WHY if worked.

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