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Heart Disease/Atrial Tachycardia experiences:

Yoga       100% (1 out of 1) of people had long term positive results
Heart Disease/Atrial Tachycardia greatly improved as a result of Yoga
Shared by Jesse

Practitioner: self-treated
Self treated for: 3+ years
Long term results: Yes

I was diagnosed with Atrial Tachycardia at a young age. While not debilitating, it prevented me from really challenging myself in sports and also effected my sleep and stress levels. I was always somewhat anxious knowing that an afib could happen at any moment (uncontrolled rapid heartbeat). Saw cardiologists and they recommended beta blockers or Ablation surgery. Just by chance I started doing Ashtanga Yoga in 2007. Within 3 months. my Atrial Tachycardia disappeared. Within a year I was running marathons, sleeping amazingly well, energy level and productivity up, etc. I have been a dedicated yoga student ever since.
Agree that we desperately need data to support these claims so we convince the medical community to incorporate Eastern practices into their care and treatment guidlines.

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