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Hair Loss experiences:

Massage Therapy       100% (1 out of 1) of people had long term positive results
Hair Loss cured as a result of Massage Therapy
Shared by nise pbn

Practitioner: self-treated
Self treated for: 7-30 days
Long term results: Yes

I have unruly thick hair and I used to style it with different straighteners, but they all burnt my hair. So given time my hair became unhealthy and looked awful. Fortunatelly, I found a great tool for straightening afro-american hair. One month later I found my hair really attractive and luxury, like after salon procrdure.

Diet       0% (0 out of 1) of people had long term positive results
Hair Loss improved as a result of Diet
Shared by LGB

Practitioner: self-treated
Self treated for: 1-7 days
Long term results: Don't know yet

My hair has been falling out for over 8 years. I thought is was related to my thyroid because it started after I started thyroid treatments. But even after my thyroid levels came back normal my hair continued to fall out.

I've been eating primarily vegetarian for the past year or two. For the past 6 months I've been gluten free. Some people say gluten can contribute to hair loss but gluten free helped my digestion but didn't seem to have any impact on my hair loss. I tried hair and nail supplements and essentials oils and nothing seemed to make any difference.

Then recently I read the letter about Daniel Gottlieb in the blog and started to wonder. I had some similar symptoms just not as severe. It spurred me to eat some red meat as I've done periodically over the last couple years. And, I searched natural copper/heavy metal detox and something I read made me think I should go back to juicing and I remembered detox "green lemonade." I juiced apple, lemon, and dark leafy greens - collard greens, broccoli rabe, kale and spinach straight from my garden. And I kid you not, one large glass and my hair loss improved by I'd say 80%. Another glass a couple days later and I think my hair loss is almost, not quite, but almost normal. Was it the juice? I can't say for sure but after 8 years of trying everything I think really think so.

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