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Muscle Sprain experiences:

Dr. Chris Santini
Santini Family Chiropractic Chiropractor
Muscle Sprain greatly improved as a result of Chiropractic Adjustment, Chiropractic Deep Muscle Massage, and Heat Massage
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Practitioner: Dr. Chris Santini, Chiropractor
Santini Family Chiropractic

Recommend: Yes
Long term results: Don't know yet

One morning as I woke up and stretched, I experienced a charlie horse. My calf muscle seized up, but never released - it remained tight & rock hard. The pain was horrendous! After 3 weeks of trying every pain killer I could think of (along with heat, ice, anything!), I went to my primary care doctor. She prescribed a muscle relaxer to help me sleep. She could offer no other relief for the muscle injury!

As I left her office knowing my problem was hardly resolved, I realized it was time to find a chiropractor. I met with Dr. Chris Santini (York, ME), who immediately set my treatment regimen involving heat massage, deep muscle massage, and chiropractic adjustments. The combination of treatments provided measurable relief with each session. It took approx 4-5 weeks to declare a total success, but it's clear that this was the best approach to solving the problem. Not only was the pain relief fairly quick, but it was done without the use of drugs that tax the vital organs or impair alertness.

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