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Depression/Post Partum Depression experiences:

Naturopathy       100% (1 out of 1) of people had long term positive results
Depression/Post Partum Depression greatly improved as a result of Naturopathy
Shared by Shelina

Recommend: Yes
Long term results: Yes

After my second child was born I experienced severe Post Partum Depression. I went to an Internist for a severe cold that I couldn't kick. The Dr. asked me how I liked moving back to Phoenix. (We had moved back six months earlier) I ended up bawling in the office for no apparent reason, my puzzled three year old and one year old on each side of me. This began the 8 year journey of anti-depressants. It seems you must try quite a few to get the right mix. After a few years I remember questioning my Dr. on how long I would need to be on this type of Medication. Her response was: (basically) Why stop taking it if you feel good? Well, I do think I benefited from it early on but started to feel like I didn't want/need to continue taking a drug for the rest of my life. Every couple of years I would question and get the same type of response. If it is not broken why change it? When I finally got fed up with the Non- response of why stop a good thing. I took my bottle of Pills to Dr. Keaton, a Naturopathic Physician and she helped me kick the Anti- depression loop. I cannot say enough about how thorough and competent she is. I highly recommend her.

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