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Cancer cured as a result of Diet
Shared by Sfcfjay

Practitioner: self-treated
Self treated for: 3-12 months
Long term results: Yes

My wife had developed 5 cancerous brain tumors labeled mixed glioma. The largest just smaller than a golf ball and the smallest the size of a pin head. This developed over a 2-3year period. She was being followed by the oncology team at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale AZ. She was not interested in doing chemo because her prior chemo treatment for stomach cancer was so bad that she felt the treatment was worse than the disease and was preparing herself to die. At what the doctors thought would be her last visit they gave her 6 weeks to 6 months to live and told her there was nothing they could do to help her. Chemo would prolong her life a couple of months, radiation would fry her brain and given the locations of the tumors they could not operate. I was crushed to learn I was going to lose my partner and wife. I took to the internet and found Rick Simpson oil. . The website explained how cannabis oil saved Rick's life. He was not trying to sell anything but rather spread the information that he found a CURE for cancer. He explains how to make the oil yourself and how to administer it. I bought the highest quality sativa blend of cannabis called "sour diesel " and proceeded to make the oil myself. Time was of the essence because at this point my wife could not lift her head off the pillow she was in so much pain. She was bedridden. Imagine the most excruciating non stop headache from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. I started giving her the oil in small amounts orally. She couldn't stand the smell or taste so I decided to put the oil in gel caps that I bought online. The problem with gel caps and cannabis oil is that it softens and degrades the gel cap. I solved that problem by adding MSM to the oil to thicken it up into a paste. It worked just fine. She would take 3 capsules a day and about every 5 days increase her dosage to a higher tolerance.
Within 2 weeks she was able to get out of bed again. Her headaches started to subside. In the evening when she was tired her pain would increase. I suggested she smoke the depleted cannabis for pain. It reduced her pain levels from a 10 down to a 3 instantly without getting high.
Fast forward 4 months she goes back to the Mayo Clinic. They were surprised she even returned as they expected her to be dead. They did a CT scan on her brain and were shockef to see that 4 out of her 5 tumors were completely gone. The 5th tumor that was the size of a golf ball was the size of a marble. They assembled the whole oncology team to interview her on what we were doing. Suprisingly none of the doctors knew about the healing effects of cannabis oil. 6 months later my wife is completely cured of any cancer. The only thing that shows up on the CT scan is a scar where the largest tumor used to be.
The best part is she is 100% cured. The worst part is nobody believes us that we cured her. The only other changes we did was eat clean whole food. Nothing processed. If it came in a box we didn't eat it. I hope our experience helps and possibly cures other people. If we save 1 life then this blog is worth it. I would be happy to respond to any questions. You can email me at

Cancer greatly improved as a result of Sunrider Herbal Tea and Sunrider Liquid Diet
Shared by Linda Rowin

Practitioner: self-treated
Long term results: Yes

This is a video clip of Linda Rowin who was kind enough to share her incredible story with us. She cured herself of Hodgkin's Lymphoma ( with a three month liquid diet of Sunrider herbal products. She does not sell for or have any vested interest in Sunrider (

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