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CopperZap       100% (1 out of 1) of people had long term positive results
the Flu improved as a result of CopperZap
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Practitioner: self-treated
Long term results: Yes

I hope it's okay to share a product here. I don't know how to share without mentioning it! My employer was researching zinc and other ways to fight colds when he kept finding research on the antimicrobial properties of copper. Scientists have documented over 100 pathogens that cannot live on copper. So hospitals are starting to use it on surfaces that people touch throughout the day.

So Doug figured if it works there, why not inside your nose? So he tried rubbing it in his nose at the first sign of a cold and it never developed. He thought it could be a placebo effect so he had everyone he could find try it. No one developed the cold or flu they felt they were getting. He has now spent over a year developing the product, made of solid copper, which has been proven to stop viruses and bacteria from replicating and it destroys the viral cells themselves. It's worth having on hand before you get that next tickle in your nose, or scratchy throat that tells you you're coming down with something. Our website is the same as my user name - CopperZap.

I hope you stay well and have a healthy and happy new year.

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