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Skin Conditions/Rash experiences:

Skin Conditions/Rash greatly improved as a result of Zinc Powder and Onguent 270 oinment
Shared by sass

Practitioner: self-treated
Self treated for: 7-30 days
Long term results: Yes

For twenty years I have had, on and off, a severe rash on the palm of my hands. It looks like a very serious burn and it itches like crazy. It does seem to occur during high stress periods. But it doesn't go away easily. It can last for six months or more. I have shown it to doctors etc. and have never received relief from any of their prescriptions or over the counter medicines. Nothing helps. Over time it goes away until another high stress event occurs.

Until......a friend offered me some ointment she had gotten from a Naturopath. The minute I applied the ointment which was "Onguent 270 Zalf 270" from a company in Brussels UNDA - I felt relief. Beautiful, exquisite relief. My friend also applied a small capsule of zinc powder. She broke the capsule over the ointment as it sat on my hand. The zinc stung - but it was a good sting - the kind you love when there's an itch driving you mad. The effect was immediate - and in about 32 hours the rash was gone. I reapplied the ointment and zinc after each washing of hands.

This is the only stuff that works - I'm not sure where to get it - but I have a teensy bit left in a small plastic cup - which I keep in a hall way closet - for the next break out.

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