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Bikram Yoga 1 experience
Digestive Disorders greatly improved as a result of Yoga
Shared by Trolleyrider

Practitioner: Bikram Yoga, Yoga Studio
BYPV Yoga Studio

Recommend: Yes
Long term results:

Although I was never officially diagnosed as having irritable bowel or ulcerative colitis for years I had terrible gas, bloating, alternating diarrhea and constipation. I had what the doctors called urgency too, meaning when I had to go, it was immediate. I lived in panic I wouldn't make it in time. At my very worst, I had explosions of blood and mucous that were so frightening I thought I was dying.

I knew a large part of my problem was what I call swallowing emotion. I held my emotions in and they wreaking havoc on my digestion. I knew on my path to healing, I had to get my emotions to surface. I had an instructor tell me that if I did Bikram yoga every day for 60 days my emotions would surface whether I wanted to see them or not. I did and they (my emotions) did surface. It was the start of six months or so of emotional release. It was a difficult process but it was one of many on the path to improving my digestion and healing myself.

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