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Cancer/Prostate Cancer greatly improved as a result of Meditation, Naturopathy, and Supplements
Shared by forestlee

Recommend: Yes
Long term results: Yes

Early detection and aggressive naturopathic regimen reduces PSA

In early 2009 I received a routine PSA test with a result of 4.7 (I was a 51 year old male with no history of cancer and no know prostate cancer in my family). After a second PSA test a month later (4.9) to make sure it wasn't an error, I had a biopsy and the Gleason score was 7 (out of 10, meaning that approximately 70% of my prostate was cancerous). The relatively low PSA meant that the cancer had not metastasized outside of the capsule and that I had detected it fairly early. While prostate cancer is slow growing, the fact that I was only 51 meant that surgery was recommended.

While I was waiting for a robotic, radical prostatectomy (4.5 months), I worked with my GP in Toronto and a New York based Naturopath (my sister-in-law) to further test and assess my health. I then followed a strict routine of supplements including the usual prostate health ones such as Saw Palmetto as well as a combination of anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory ones.

In addition, I continued the Mindfulness Meditation practice I had been doing for about 1 year and began to use some of the Guided Imagery techniques from Belleruth Naperstack. When I had my pre-op for the December surgery, my PSA had actually dropped below 4.5! I used the Guided Imagery again before and during the 4 hour surgery and after 4 days recovery in hospital was back at home.

It's been almost 2 years and I am still recording a PSA of 0.

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