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On 15-May-2020
Dr. MIRIAM MENAKER, Medico Cirujano, Ultrasound T., Homeopath

Modality: Counseling, Homeopathy, and Herbal Remedies
Certifications and Licenses:
Practice began:
Number of years in practice: 5-10
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1325 NE 174 Street
North Miami Beach Florida 33162
United States
School # of years Dates attended Year of Graduation Degree
University of Venezuela 5+ 1969-1979 1979 Medico Cirujano
National Technology School 1992-1993 1993 Ultrasound T.
California Institute of Homeopathy 2009-2013 2013 Homeopath

Last 2 years of professional development:

Today, I focus on the spiritual healing, specifically Kabbalah, that encompasses all other healing methods.

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