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Thyroid, fatigue and hairloss

I've struggled with thyroid problems for years. I'm too high or too low. I read Mary Shomon's book "Living Well with Hypothyroidism" and have and continue to typical symptoms - fatigue, hair falling out, carpal tunnel syndrome,difficult losing weight, depression. I've tried modifying my diet, eliminating allergens and food that cause digestive upset and most recently trying a gluten free diet. I tried supplements including Selenium, Zinc, Evening Primrose oil, B vitamins, Guggul and Maca root with little success. I've experimented and still can't say if iodine makes things better or worse. I succumbed to prescription drugs. Years ago I took Naturothroid. Most of the time I was either too high or too low so I tried going without altogether. I got by for many years and just tolerated the fatigue. About a year ago, at my physician's urging, I tried again this time with Synthroid. I did okay for while. My energy level improved but now I'm back to feeling either too high or too low and tired most of the time. My hair seems to continue to fall out consistently whether I'm too high or too low and the carpal tunnel persists. Any suggestions?


I have seen quite a number of people over the years with thyroid issues in my practice, and have seen them turn their lives around. What I do is called Network Chiropractic, or Network Spinal Analysis. The basic idea is that if your spine, body, and nervous system is in a state of chronic fight or flight, it will continually deplete you, and leave you unable to access your innate healing resources. People who start with Network immediately feel calmer, have more energy, and sleep better, and have less pain. Stress is a major activator of hypothyroid symptoms, so it is important to keep your body clear of that stress, and then to develop new strategies for your body to be more adaptable to new stress as it comes.

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