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Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala

[url=]Kerala Ayurveda hospitals[/url] need the most space than other hospitals because the treatment methods are entirely different and even the man power has to be well trained because the operational efficiency depends on experience and careful analyses. The doctor-patient relationship depends on trust and it is considered according to Ayurveda that the advices on life-style and habits must be strictly adhered to for a faster recovery. These hospitals have a research wing that is dedicated to this field of medicine and strives to develop more and more medicines that helps in the betterment of the society. One of the main advantages of ayurvedic medicines is that there is no risk of side-effects but one must take care to follow the regulations as the medicine will render its complete effect only if you stick to the instructions. The formulations for various diseases have stood the test of time and have brought many scientific breakthroughs over the years. Most of the compilations of Ayurveda – the original works have been lost over time but some works of literature exist and the present day therapy has evolved keeping abreast with the principles given in the original works. The logical footing of Ayurveda believes in prevention of the diseases and adopting changes in the lifestyle that keeps diseases at bay. Ayurveda believes in prevention rather than cure and advises one and all to make changes while it is still possible, to eat right and not to restrain from natural urges and finds fasting to be beneficial to the internal system.

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